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Home Found 

  Welcome to Home Found 

a partnership in Washington State in partnership with Reaves & Co. feat. Real Estate by Marilyn designed for home buyers as a complete solution for finding your new home,  designed to reduce the cost of home ownership and insure  in the most adverse situations while working with 200+ lenders and access to Down Payments Recourses or just finding the best mortgage choice for you.

Washington State

The mortgage application is where it all starts and continues to the introduction of the consultation, which builds the frame work of expressing your thoughts and needs regarding your home. The mortgage application gives the foundation bridging  what is realistically plausible and financially possible.

Welcome to Real Estate by Marilyn

Fueled with years of industry experience in negotiations while providing true insight, we understand the rules of real estate are often complex. Real Estate by Marilyn builds a foundation of value over the long term and eases the process of finding your home.

Securing what matters most

Reaves & Co. again raises the bar and sets an industry standard of financial guidance to strengthen your goals and  achievement. We do this providing the first year of Homeowners Insurance to Insur your home, Reaves & Co. will later add Mortgage Protection Insurance for a limited time to Secure the worst of disasters all a security system thats  "simple & safe" to Protect.

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